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To mask, or not to mask? Spoiler alert: MASK

I know you've been on the edge of your find out how and if the relaxing of masking in public spaces will impact you the next time you visit Alix Waxes. After much consideration, reflection and conversation with trusted healthcare professionals, I have decided that masking will still be required during our time together. Nostril waxing is still OFF the table.

"But I'm fully vaccinated and boosted!"

"But I miss seeing your face!"

"But I'm over this!"

I feel all of those sentiments, DEEPLY. However (what may be viewed as) my hardline approach is out of a commitment to the health and safety of our most vulnerable community members. My abundance of caution is not only for the concern for MY and my family's health, but for the most vulnerable member of YOUR family.

"But for how long?"

To be perfectly honest: I'm not sure! I plan to make my decision month-to-month. So watch your inbox in the coming weeks! Know that I will no longer be taking your temperature upon arrival, and I ask that you continue to show great caution regarding your health the day of an appointment. If you're feeling under the weather (with ANYTHING icky) please reach out to me ASAP to reschedule. I do not enforce same-day cancellation "penalties" concerning matters of health and wellness. I thank you for your consideration, as does sweet Cookie!

And that's really it! There's nothing new to report. My books are still closed to new clients so that I may best accommodate you and your scheduling needs, and I encourage you to continue booking out multiple appointments in advance! I'm so grateful for your flexibility and patience with my last-minute schedule requests.

Questions? Comments? Reach out to me directly at either (516) 395-6780 or email me at

Thank you for your continued understanding! xoxo


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