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Coming Soon: YOU and ME!


It’s true, this week is the one year anniversary of me opening a humble little spot of my very own. And next week marks my 10 year anniversary working as an Esthetician. I can’t believe it’s been a full decade of tending to your errant hair needs. I’m so grateful for our time shared!

It won’t really feel like cause for celebration until we’re back in each other’s graces, and that seems to be happening...SOON! Oh the continued suspense! Multnomah County has applied to the state to start opening Phase 1 industries in two weeks. So if all the requirements have been met, we’ll be back in business. If you haven’t scheduled an appointment that fits this new and likely timeline, now’s a great time to jump online and get yourself BOOKED! As mentioned in previous emails, there will be changes to how we go about business, all in the interest of keeping ourselves as safe as possible. For a full list of the government requirements for personal services providers, enjoy the details HERE. But here’s a brief overview of what to expect for your next visit to Alix Waxes.

***I have a COVID-19 specific electronic waiver you will need to fill out before you arrive for your appointment. It’s very short, but very important that we take care of this. HERE is the link to it.***

I know you’ve all gotten into such great habits of coming early to your appointments, and I’ve sought environments worth coming early for, with snacks to boot! Unfortunately, these are not viable options at this time. I’m confident the “MIcro-Lounge” will have it’s time to shine, but until then, please come alone and arrive no more than 5 minutes early to your appointment. If you’re like me and want to avoid the stress of traffic, please remain in your car with your extra time. The only beverage I can offer you will be a La Croix for the road AFTER the services, so If that means you’re sipping something more adult in your car BEFOREHAND I will neither judge you nor rat you out. What I’m saying is plan your thirst and nerve-quenching accordingly. Additionally, please refrain from bringing excessive personal items with you. I recommend securing them in your trunk.

Remember, to access Alix Waxes you NEED to buzz me from the elevator box. If you need to reach me outside of that 5 minute window, please call me directly. If you haven’t already saved my number, here ya go! (516) 395 - 6780. Once I buzz you in, take the elevator to the second floor. The bathroom is to the left of the elevator--START THERE! Take the opportunity to freshen up and make sure to thoroughly wash your hands. This will be your opportunity to mask up, if you hadn’t already done so! If you happen to forget your mask, I will have disposables available for purchase for $5. But please come prepared, as the building requests all visitors wear masks in common spaces. 

Suite 212 is diagonally across from the elevator. Come on in! Once you arrive I’ll take your temperature and go through the following questions:

                - Have you had a new or worsening cough?  

                - Have you had a fever?  

                - Have you had shortness of breath?  

                - Have you been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID- 19 in the past 14 days?

Now let’s hop to it! We’ll BOTH be masked for the duration of our time together, removing yours only for as long as necessary to perform your services. We will be using a new plexiglass face shield designed by a beloved fellow Esthetician with these specific services in mind. The only real change in flow of operation is we will save face services until the end of the appointment. Otherwise, you can still count on stellar services and giggles galore. 

My Square reader is equipped with Apple Pay, and I also gladly accept Venmo! So please consider using either of these methods first and foremost, as I will no longer be accepting cash. If it hasn’t already become clear, the mission is to minimize superfluous surface touching. But if the regular “dipping” of the card is what works for you, it’s all good!  

One final thing to address: PRICING. Months before shutdown I was already leaning towards raising my prices modestly to be more in line with the going market rates in town. And now, after what will be a full fiscal quarter of inactivity, and to meet the demands of best equipping the space for healthful success, an across-the-board price increase has become necessary. But because we are all facing wild times, I want to be reasonable. So effective immediately, ALL services will increase in price between $2 - $5. I really appreciate your understanding in advance

AS ALWAYS, you know how much I want to accommodate you and attend to you in any way I possibly can. Questions? Comments? Concerns? PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me in any form you’d like, as a reminder I turn my phone to Do Not Disturb overnight, so don’t ever worry about waking me up.  

I’m SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU! See? I can’t stop YELLING IN CAP LOCKS! These times are uncertain, but you can still count on a smooth and sassy time with me. Let’s get to it!



(516) 395 - 6780

PS - Don’t forget about the waiver! It’s so quick and easy may as well do it NOW!


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