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My family has experienced great tragedy.

On Monday, May 2 my super bestie/housemate Nicole's 16 year-old daughter, SaraJane, was found unresponsive after suffering a cardiac event and has been on life support at Randall's Children's Hospital ever since. The logistical process has begun in order to differentiate between her care team, and the surgical team who will be entrusted to see her through her transition. Given her years working in dialysis, it is critical to Nicole that SaraJane be given the opportunity to save lives despite losing her own. The end is imminent and the betrayal of the natural order is something no parent should ever have to experience.

Due to the extremely tragic circumstances, I will be cancelling all appointments between now and Thursday May19th. If you are scheduled between now and the dates up to and including Wednesday May 18th, your appointment will be cancelled. I encourage you to get online and book out when it is most convenient for you, and do what you have to do to tend to your immediate waxing needs. I'm not shy about singing the praises of several of my peers. This is the first time I've ever had to abruptly cancel so many days with no conceivable way of rescheduling. In Judaism there is a 7 day mourning period, shiva, during which the bereaved cover mirrors and refrain from personal grooming--the idea being that primping not be priority during a time of such grief. While not religious myself, many elements of my cultural heritage speak to me on profound levels, these being some I plan to lean into. And while I don't expect a cult-like devotion to the Temple of Alix Waxes, it's with my trademark dark sense of humor still intact that I ask you to consider your extra few weeks of unruly and unwanted hairs to be not that big a deal in the big picture! I know ALL of your hearts and have no doubt you will carry us in your thoughts. Nicole is my favorite person and chosen family. As most of you know we have all lived together for over a year now and the idea of her going through this and "The Teenager of the House" never coming home is not anything i'm actually processing right now, as it's my greatest challenge to now be there for Nicole the way she has been there for me. If you would like to be there for US, please visit the GoFundMe to read more details of what my household has been facing for the last week, and what we will continue to face on the road ahead. To those of you who follow my @AlixWaxes stories and have had some sort of idea what was going on, thank you so much for your kind words. We aren't all in a position to commit financial support, your kindness and energetic hugs are so appreciated. To those of you who have made a donation, thank you so much for your generosity when possible. If you would like to make a financial donation you can do so by visiting the GoFundMe, or by clicking the button at the bottom of this message. Our immediate community is keeping us awash in meals and dog-check ins (hardly a hardship for them considering how cute the dogs are), we all show up in different ways. Most importantly, I ask you to consider committing to being an organ donor-- a final act of selflessness I've always felt passionately about. Nicole is finding glimmers of hope and comfort knowing SaraJane's legacy will live on in others. Thank you for your love and support at this awful time. Alix

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Katriona Butler
Katriona Butler
May 10, 2022

I cannot begin to express my sadness at hearing this devastating news. My heart goes out to you and Nicole. Sending strength and love.

Katriona and David

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