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How long should my hair be when I come in for my appointment?

Three weeks of hair growth is required to receive your service. The reality is, the longer the better! 


I encourage you NOT TO TRIM before your appointment.  If I deem a trim necessary for a more comfortable service, then let me take care of it for you. Shaved this morning?  I recommend scheduling your appointment for three weeks from now, and mark your calendar.  With that goal in mind, you’ll be more likely to ditch the razor and look forward to stellar results! 


How long will my wax last?

Every body is different, but on average you should not experience significant regrowth for 7 - 12 days. When the hairs do return they are soft, fine, and sparse. The results of your first wax may not be as good as subsequent waxes, depending on growth cycles and how long your hair was to start. It does gets better, and easier every time. It’ll be a couple months before you return to anywhere near your pre-wax fullness. 


How often should I come in?

For best, and least painful results, it’s best to maintain your waxed parts every 4-7 weeks depending on the area, and the individual. With regular waxing maintenance, you’ll see a dramatic reduction over time, and find the removal more tolerable. 


I’m just so nervous--will it hurt?

The first time is always gonna be the worst, that’s because of the nervous anticipation of not knowing what to expect. The more you can try and let yourself relax, the less physically painful and nerve-wracking it will be! It’s quick, and the pain doesn’t linger. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing and surprised it’s already over.  


What should I avoid doing after waxing?

It’s recommended to avoid rigorous activity in the immediate hours after waxing. Avoid hot tubs and heavy friction--you’ll want to give the sensitive areas time to calm down a bit. You know your body best however, so check in with yourself in the 12 hours following a wax to make sure things feel alright. 


Can I wax while menstruating?

Yes! No worries, just come with a tampon and don’t trim the string. 


Any other restrictions?

Retinol and other Vitamin A derivatives are a no-no with waxing, as are use of medications such as Accutane and other potent medications from dermatologists. Other contraindications include chemotherapy, chemical peels, and extreme sun exposure. If you have any topical allergies, or any other concerns about contraindications please disclose this before your service. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Alix here.

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