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Happy New Year, dear friends! Updates and a rad Promo!

I really can't believe it's finally 2021. FINALLY! This year has been like no other, with so much change, shifts in perspective and lessons learned, one of my greatest takeaways is the importance of community. Thank you so much for being a part of MINE. It's because of the support of my wonderful community that I approach this new year with hope for us all.

Staying Safe

I am so excited to get vaccinated and will be doing so as soon as it’s an option made available to me! Until then (and let’s be real...well after) I’ll be wearing my double mask combo: an N95 mask covered with a fabric mask, as well as a face shield when waxing up close. I ask that you please continue to double up if you haven’t been strictly shutting in and make sure you’re wearing something sturdier than single layer. If you have to keep readjusting your mask to cover your nose, please wear a different/better mask during our time together. There really are masks for all occasions! Need advice on what kinds I wear for different circumstances? Lemme know and I’ll “wax poetic” on the topic.


As much as I would love to be able to honor the earliest birds, I ask that you please come as close to your appointment time as possible. If you arrive early (even just a few minutes early), please text me from your car saying “I’m parked and ready for waxing” and I’ll let you know if I’m ready to receive you. With the lousy weather I would hate to keep you lingering outside the elevator if it can be avoided! Stay warm and dry!

Refer and Receive FOR REALZ

As always, when you refer a new client, not only will that smart person receive 15% off their first visit, but you too will receive that same discount on your next service. In addition to this little perk, for every three new clients you refer during the first three months of the year, you will receive a $50 gift card. Are your co-workers filling your Zoom chats with brow compliments? Send them in for star treatment! Have a friend that could use a pick-me-up in self-care? Nudge them to take a super safe “trip” to Brazil! Let me slather you in wax, smother you in gratitude, and shower you in MOOLA!

What else?

Questions? Suggestions? Any thing you'd like to see in the shop or on Social Media? Never hesitate to reach out! Thanks again friends, for EVERYTHING



(516) 395 - 6780


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