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Below you will find an abbreviated service menu. Descriptions apply to any and all genitalia, Alix Waxes the full spectrum. 


Brazilian - My most popular service for a reason: this will leave you feeling the most tidy.  Traditional Brazilians remove all hair from the tummy trail to the back of your crack.  However many folks like keeping some superficial hair just above the business parts, like triangles and strips.  My goal is for you to keep as much, or as little as you'd like!


Bikini - This is the most modest of bikini area waxing, it’s a clean up along hip creases and tummy trail 


Bikini/Crack - In addition to the basic bikini, removal of all hair growing between the cheeks. 


Teeny Bikini - If you wear thongs, or have a daring bathing suit to clean up for, this service removes all the hair up top except for a wide strip just above the business parts.


Teeny Bikini/Crack - You keep hair on the business parts and a wide strip above the business parts, removal of all hair growing between the cheeks. The last stop before your trip to Brazil. 


Brow Foundations - Are your brows still recovering from the tweezing torment of youth?  Not really sure how brow makeup works?  This service consists of a more thorough consultation where we’ll talk about longer term brow goals, and create a plan to achieve them. You’ll receive a thorough demonstration on how best to apply pencil or powder to further enhance and elevate your brow game. 


Full Face Includes a combination of brow, lip, cheek, and/or chin services. 

Full Leg - This service starts from the hip crease and includes feet and toes and the leg in between!


Upper Leg - From hip crease to just below the knee. 


Lower Leg - From just above the knee to the tips of your toes.


Full Arm - Starts just above the shoulder caps and includes hands and fingers and all the arm parts in between!


Half Arm - Either from above the shoulder cap to just below the elbow, or from just above the elbow to the tips of your fingers. 

Glutes - Bum cheeks, does not include crack.

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