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Coronavirus Chronicles

Last week Governor Brown introduced a framework for reopening, which included outlines which industries would be included in Phase One, and how those professions will be expected to adapt their businesses with paramount safety in mind. And when I do reopen, I hope you can continue to trust in me to take every single precaution within my power to keep you as safe as is possible.

Obvious and immediate changes will include:

  • Extended appointment times to allot for new wardrobe and accessory prep. Masks for all! And wait till you check out my smocks, the height of pan-fashion!

  • Extended time between appointments to allow for deep sanitation practices

  • Extended time between appointments to prevent client bottlenecks in the microlounge. Oh microlounge, we hardly knew ye!

Things will look and feel different for an indeterminate amount of time, but what I want is for you to be excited to return to the consistency of quality time spent and services received. And most importantly, for you to feel safe in doing so.

OK OK so when, right? Here’s the worst part: I don’t know. I’m so sorry! As flattered as I am to be receiving such loving messages from you missing me, please TRUST I miss you too! And I’ve never felt more cherished and NEEDED! All that being said though, I can’t help but feel very vulnerable for my industry to be included within Phase 1 reopening plans. I think we can all agree that the nature of the services I provide is VERY intimate, with social distancing considerations being impossible. I am so anxious to return to you and do my best to maintain a pristine environment, both yours AND mine, but I’m even more anxious about rushing to open too soon.

So I will implement SOME hard line dates, and beg of your patience in advance with flexibility. I am going to cancel all appointments until the beginning of June. Am I saying I will open the first week of June? NO, but if you want to hold your appointments there *just in case* I’m OK with that, but only if YOU’LL be OK with me potentially cancelling them depending on what unfolds between now and then.

That’s where we’re at. As I’ve said in previous messages, I want to be able to accommodate you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out however is best for you. Staying in touch is really important, not only because of my sentimentality, but as a public health measure to keep you posted on updates and changes and expectations for best practices! That’s why I’ve also created a Blog on my webpage for ease of update. I can see that this isn’t the preferred way for many of you to get details, so if you’d prefer, you can subscribe to the blog for notifications.

FRIENDS I MISS YOU. I’m thinking of you! May your regrowth be slow, your sourdough starters reactive, and immune systems mighty!




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